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Revel⦿Round Elite Kits: Blackout Edition

Revel⦿Round Elite Kits: Blackout Edition

$299.00 Regular Price
$249.00Sale Price

Revel⦿Round: Elite Blackout Edition (3 Color Options)

What's Included?

  • Round⦿Boards (Comes Fully Equipped) - x2
  • Hack⦿Pack (8 Gamebags, 4 of ea. Color, 2 Color Options) - x1 


Original vs. Elite?

Our elite roundboards are the exact same specifications & materials as our original sets with one key difference. Elite roundboards are equipped with our custom sized all weather wraps that provides a waterproof/UV layer on the top of your boards. The back side has the classic wood finish that is UV/Water resistant and comes fully assembled with our patented hardware designed especially for Revel⦿Round. For an undeniable sleek look & maxmium protection go Elite! 


The Basics:

Revel⦿Round is commonly described as a blend between cornhole and hacky sack. It can be just like classic bags or try our original gameplay that adds partner kick assists. Play outdoors at campgrounds, at the lake, the beach, tailgates, or backyard. Gameplay only requires 10’-15’ allowing you to play indoors & in smaller spaces including: patios, garages, basements, living rooms, pool houses, or even hallways.


Revel Round is designed to easily transform from travel mode to gameplay in about 30 seconds. The first time you set up your boards you'll know a Revel Round is made different. Nothing brings friends & family together like a Revel⦿Round. Epic partner assist and gameplay awaits you.

Get yours today! 

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