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Revel⦿Round Original Kits

Revel⦿Round Original Kits

$249.00 Regular Price
$199.00Sale Price

Revel⦿Round Original Kit

What's Included?

  • Round⦿Boards (Comes Fully Equipped) - x2
  • Hack⦿Pack (8 Gamebags, 4 of ea. Color of Choice) - x1 


What makes it the Original?

Our original roundboards are made of a furniture grade birch providing a classic wood finish that is aesthetically pleasing, fully protected with a UV/Water resistant clear-coat and comes fully assembled with our patented hardware designed especially for Revel⦿Round! 



Revel⦿Round is commonly described as a blend between cornhole and hacky sack. It can be just like classic bags or try our original gameplay that adds partner kick assists. Play outdoors at campgrounds, at the lake, the beach, tailgates, or backyard. Gameplay only requires 10’-15’ allowing you to play indoors & in smaller spaces including: patios, garages, basements, living rooms, pool houses, or even hallways.


The first time you set up your Revel⦿Round you'll know its made different. Nothing brings friends & family together like a Revel⦿Round. Epic partner assist and gameplay awaits you.

Order Yours Today! 


What Makes a Revel Round Different? 

Superior Quality:

Each set is hand-crafted from high-quality materials and equipped with hardware engineered especially for Revel⦿Round!  The Round⦿Boards are protected with a UV/Water resistant clear coat for a finish that is heavy duty and resists the outdoor elements. The legs are made of aluminum alloy & attached by shock cord so they can’t be lost. Legs are also anodized for a sleek UV & scratch resistant finish. The feet are equipped with rubber slip grips, so boards don’t scratch or slide on hard surfaces during play.

Extreme Portability:

Revel⦿Round’s unique ability to compact down into its own carry case is what we call travel mode. Travel mode allows users to store game bags within the center pouch, legs folded down, and boards bound together. Coming in at only 18 lbs it is easy to carry, quick to set-up, and practical to store.

Versatile Gameplay & Usage:

  • Change your play experience by trying our Sauce⦿Packs
  • Revel⦿Round opens up where & how you can play, Indoors or Out!
  • Add in different game modes ex. (Partners assists or classic bag toss)
  • Warranty & Return Policy

    Designed to Last

    - Revel Round has been specifically designed engineered to last! If for any reason it doesn't PLN offers a 3 year warranty for all Revel Round game set & accessories. If your Revel Round fails structurally or visually resulting in your unsatisfaction we will provide new parts or replace your game set with a new one entirely.

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