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Whats Included: 

Revel Round Complete Gamer Kit 

Roundboards - x2

Orange/Black 32 Panel Roundbags - x4

Blue/Black 32 Panel Roundbags - x4


Revel Round is a bag toss game described as a blend between cornhole and hacky sack. Play it just like classic cornhole or make it a Revel Round with partner kick assists. Revel Round is ideal to play outdoors at: tailgates, backyards, parties, camping, or the beach. Gameplay only requires a 10’ – 12’ area making it perfect for indoor play: patios, decks, hallways, garages, playrooms, and basements. 


High-Quality & Durable: Our Revel Roundboards are made out of high-grade birch plywood and constructed by the world’s finest materials to provide our customers a gaming set that last a lifetime.


Lightweight & Portable: a Revel Round game kit weighs in at a staggering 11lbs and is compactable to an astounding 24” diameter x 3” thick. Game bags store within the center string-tie pouch, so no carrying case is required. Revel Round was specifically designed to go where you go.


Ease of Assembly & DisassemblyOur patent pending leg socket technology makes assembly & disassembly a breeze. Out of the box Revel Round is ready for action within 60 Seconds.


Variable Play-StylesPlay sitting in a chair or play with body deflection assists. We are just scratching the surface of all the variable playstyles that provide value to various customer segments.


Revel Round provides you with a high quality play experience that is unique, extraordinarily fun, and built to fit your lifestyle. It's time to upgrade to something that is a little more you. Experience Play That Moves You!















Revel Round Set - Cornhole w/ A Kick!


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