Whats Included: 

Revel Round Gaming Kit 

Roundboards - x2

Orange/Black 32 Panel Roundbags - x4

Blue/Black 32 Panel Roundbags - x4


Revel Round is a bag toss game described as a blend between cornhole and hacky sack. Play it just like classic cornhole or make it a Revel Round with partner kick assists. Revel Round is ideal to play outdoors at: tailgates, backyards, parties, camping, or the beach. Gameplay only requires a 10’ – 12’ area making it perfect for indoor play: patios, decks, hallways, garages, playrooms, and basements. 


High-Quality & Durable: Our Revel Roundboards are made out of high-grade birch plywood and constructed by the world’s finest materials to provide our customers a gaming set that last a lifetime.


Lightweight & Portable: a Revel Round game kit weighs in at a staggering 14lbs and is compactable to an astounding 24” diameter x 3” thick. Game bags store within the center string-tie pouch, so no carrying case is required. Revel Round was specifically designed to go where you go.


Ease of Assembly & DisassemblyOur patent pending leg socket technology makes assembly & disassembly a breeze. Out of the box Revel Round is ready for action within 60 Seconds.


Variable Play-StylesPlay sitting in a chair or play with body deflection assists. We are just scratching the surface of all the variable playstyles that allow you to change your play experience. 


Revel Round provides you with a high quality play experience that is unique, extraordinarily fun, and built to fit your lifestyle. It's time to upgrade to something that is a little more you. Experience Play That Moves You with Revel Round! 


Revel Round Set - Cornhole w/ A Kick!